About us

In the Heart
of Innovation

The spark to Boomerang Ideas was ignited with our own “problem”: many questions/ideas, not enough time or resources to answer them. The power of social media and wisdom-of-crowds combined with micro-targeting allowed us to get instant answers to our questions. We want you to have the same!

We are a team of professionals with startup, corporate, design and research backgrounds. The Swiss company, founded in 2018, is based and registered in Zürich.


The Team

  • Raphael Ueberwasser

    Founder & CEO

    HWV Business & Communications alumni, entrepreneur, experienced project manager, multi-industry technology advisor and co-founder of day8.io.

  • Gianmarco Marinello

    Partner & Accelerator

    MSc in Psychology, social entrepreneur, founder of Nai Nami.

  • Manuel Eppert

    Partner & Business Developer

    MSc in Financial Management, serial entrepreneur, founder of Alvicus AG, former CFO of a TechStartup.

  • Mauro Bieg

    Co-Founder & Technical Advisory (non-acting)

    Computer Scientist (MSc ETH Zürich) with a passion for problem solving and startups.

  • Tina Olivia Seiler

    Public Relations

    MA in Communication Management with a passion for international communication and hospitality. Co-Founder of Halo-C and member of the board of Swiss Travel Communicators club.

  • Jakub Motyčka

    Technical Lead

  • Ales Rosina

    Technical Co-Lead

  • Claudia Boker

    Social Media

Our Advisors

  • Jean-Marc Hensch

    Business Angel

  • Beat Seeliger

    Technology Advisory

  • Fritz Seidel

    Strategy Advisory

  • Peter Erni

    Social Media Advisory

  • Prof. Dr. Anne Scherer

    Scientific Advisory

  • Carla Casanova

    Legal Advisory

  • Trevor W. Goodchild

    Facebook Strategist

  • Martin Steiger

    Data Privacy Advisory

Our Partners

  • BH
  • Panter
  • Reverse

Scientific Partners & Memberships

  • UZH
  • Swiss Insights